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3 Best Alternatives to inMotion Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting services, people always neglect selecting their hosting properly. It results in slower operation of the website and lots of unsolvable problems lying on the road. In order to eradicate these kinds of problems, you should be aware of the hosting service that you’re purchasing. There’s been a lot of hype with inMotion web hosting. Definitely it does offer the same packages, features that other hosting services provide but they provide way better customer support than any other hosting services. If you find their features are shabby and they’re not worth the money, you can always find alternatives that can guarantee more features in the way. If you want to have the same extended support but want to have those premium features, then keep up with us to see the 3 best alternatives that match up against inMotion hosting services pretty well.

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Bluehost Hosting Services

Bluehost is one of those web hosting services that’s capable of wowing their customers with premium features, unlimited bandwidth, ease of usage and lots of other supports. It features all the missing parts of inMotion and proves to be worth of the money. But, small ventures may find it quite difficult to pay its prices since they ought to sell their services at a minimal rate but annually. Security and ease of use are two of the most important things that make Bluehost stand out of the crowd.

Hostgator Hosting Services

Hostgator got pretty popular over the past year with minimal pricing and lots of features to support their clients and things got much better for Hostgator now. For minimal costing checkout Hostgator discount codes from. From our point of view, it’s worth the money and it can provide unlimited bandwidth (which is considered not a big deal in today’s era), never ending disk space with no limitations on creating the sub-domains as well. Hostgator can provide all the general features that other hosting providers support, plus, it supports some advanced features like error pages and custom cron jobs. But, Hostgator lacks in its support section. When it comes to customer support, Hostgator consumes a bit longer time than its peers. It can outrun the uses of inMotion hosting service pretty easily.

Dreamhost Hosting Services

Dreamhost used to be one of the bad boys that held its crown for being the best web hosting service with good uptime, innovative control panel and amazing no-limitation policy. But, now the uptime can be a big issue for some owners. Dreamhost comes with 50GB of free backup space and 30-day refund policy. It also offers 97-day money back guarantee which ensures you can work with Dreamhost for the longer period of time or not. If your website causes trouble for other users, then Dreamhost might force you to use their dedicate server (which is of course a bit costly). In terms of customer support, they’re not worth the money. They don’t provide any telephone number. Live chat support can be a huge issue at times. Although it doesn’t stack up well against inMotion web hosting in terms of customer support and in other areas, it aces.


We recommend you Hostgator hosting with discount. It makes great combination of feature and cost effective shared hosting solution.