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Overview of Multiple Domain Hosting

People tend to have many websites and end up in buying hosting resources and space for them. This is a huge cost and that affects the business if you are not dealing with it. The most effective solution for this is the Multiple Domain Hosting.

Multiple Domains

What is it?

Multiple Domain Hosting is the way of hosting multiple websites under same hosting space. Suppose, you have three websites of different products and each one of them have unique domain name and websites. If you want to take space for the three websites it will be huge cost for you. So, it is better to break it down to Multiple Domain Hosting. You can add any of the website as the primary account and then host the space for the same website. You can then add the other websites as add on services for the same hosting space. The Primary Website works as the official domain for you, however the unique entity and identity of the other websites remain intact.

Benefits of Multiple Domain Hosting

There are many benefits of the Multiple Domain Hosting. The main benefit of the multiple domain hosting is the cost effectiveness. It saves lot of cost by introducing the shared resources instead of the three different hosting resources. This is one of the most effective ways of organizing the websites. But eventually the cost benefits reach even more. The PPC Credits, Economic Tools, Email Marketing, Adding Forums, Chat Services and many more can be received from the hosting services. So, when you are opting for single Hosting Space then you can avail the service for all the three websites in the same package. This is one of the biggest advantage and benefit that Multiple Domain Hosting has. Also, it is very easy to handle as there is only one website to handle instead of three. It often simplifies the action and job for the people. The Hosting Coupons can further reduce the cost in this service.

How is it Different From the Domain Forwarding?

Both are an entirely different concept used for different purpose. However, people often confuse both the terms together. Domain Forwarding is the method of forwarding similar domain addresses to the desired or particular one. It is often noticed that people seeking for particular website misspell the site and types something else. If they do not get the results, they may go on to search something else and do not come back to search the site. To avoid that, domain forwarding is done, so that even for the closely misspelled address, the customer can reach the desired domain address. The role of Multiple Domain Service is more focused on Hosting Services and speaks about sharing the space available for multiple websites or domain addresses.

Multiple Domain Service is the one of the most emerging services in the web world. The immense benefits from the service are attracting others to adopt it. However, there is a problem with the service. If any issue is found in the hosting service then all the shared domain addresses are going to be impacted as well.