WP Engine V/s Arvixe Hosting – Which One to Choose?

Arvixe might be a great choice for a web hosting service, but when compared to WP Engine, WP always emerges a winner. There are a number of reasons that make WP a better hosting service in comparison to Arvixe. The support WP engine offers in a lot better in comparison to the support Arvixe offer which makes it an obvious choice to opt in for. You may ask what is WP Engine? I mean isn’t that name something different? While the hosting plans that Arvixe have to offer might be more affordable, they are complicated and not as fast and reliable as WP Engine.

arvixe hosting

Hosting Plans

A shared WP Engine hosting plan could cost you about $29 for one website and 10GB disk space in comparison to Arvixe which comes in at $4 per month for 6 websites and unlimited disk space. Both these hosting service providers offer unlimited bandwidth with their plans.

Uptime Comparison

WP Engine offers a 100% Uptime in comparison to 99.91% that Arvixe offers. When both these hosting services were put to the test it was proved that WP Engine websites were always available in while the Arvixe hosted websites were unavailable quite a few times. It is also a known fact that although Arvixe might get a number of new domain registrations on a regular basis, most of these domains shift to WP Engine after testing Arvixe for the first month. WP Engine has more returning customers in comparison to Arvixe which loses a lot of their customers after the first month.

User Friendly Services

WP Engine is known to be one of the most user friendly hosting services available. WordPress hosting offers complete backup solutions, themes, support and easy to create websites which makes it easy for people who are not so well versed with website development and designing to create their own websites. Although these hosting plans are more expensive in comparison to Arvixe, users save a lot of money on maintenance, web designers and graphic designers. Arvixe does not offer website templates and is not as user friendly as WP Engine.

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WP Engine hosting service includes features such as WordPress which is a great solution for bloggers and those who aren’t very familiar with website creation, 24/7 technical support and a daily backup that helps keep all the data safe for future use. Arvixe on the other hand offers a free .com domain, and guarantees 99.91% uptime.

Arvixe and WP Engine Offer

  • 24/7 technical support
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

WP Engine also offers

  • WordPress themes
  • Free daily backup that helps keep data safe and prevents data loss
  • Unlimited traffic which makes it an ideal platform for bloggers and growing business owners

While both the hosting services have some great features, WP Engine is more user friendly and convenient to use in comparison to Arvixe which is why it is a more popular choice today. The uptime this hosting service has to offer cannot be compared to the other hosting services in the market today.

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