Why you should make SiteGround your Main Web Hosting

SiteGround has been vastly popular to many people; ever since they had begun providing web hosting service in 2004. SiteGround has completed the mark of an era, and they certainly plan on providing web hosting service to the customers for plenty more years. If you are currently hosting your website on a different hosting provider’s server and considering to move to something different permanently, you could consider SiteGround hosting for a whole lot of reasons. And to set you forward, SiteGround offers discount on the purchase money through coupon codes and affiliate discounts; a customer needs to find one out, there are plenty.


WordPress Hosting

If you are making the switch because you need a WordPress host powerful enough to meet all your needs, then SiteGround is probably the company you are looking for. There aren’t many terms and conditions to hold you back from actually signing up from the service, also the number of plans and features aren’t many either. Basically, WordPress hosting on SiteGround is done on the regular shared hosting plans, only with WordPress installed as the core CMS. SiteGround offers 1-click WordPress installation for the amateur users and even the most advanced; with that option you can install WordPress on SiteGround without any hussal and navigating through the CMS is much easier on SiteGround. The customer doesn’t need to think about the security and integrity of the system at all.

Reliable Service

SiteGround web hosting service is highly reliable for all formats of hosting service they provide. In any hosting service, reliability is much important. Every webmaster wants to know whether their investment is worth it; they want the worth of their investment through the service output. And SiteGround seems to have satisfied all their customers in this regard. Since there are three data centers located in three different regions of the world, the service reliability and website loading speed is much higher than many other hosting services.

Guaranteed Uptime

There’s no false claim of uptime in SiteGround hosting. They officially claim 99.9% of server uptime which is more than 98% in practical cases. In reality, no human-made system might offer upto 99.9% of system perfection but these hosting servers usually do, because it’s very much necessary for people’s business and hosting provider needs to be serious. SiteGround has all the sincerity it takes to be a winner in this business, and over a period of 365 days SiteGround’s uptime had been nearly above 98.9%.

Managed Service All Around

SiteGround’s hosting services are mostly managed, except the dedicated servers. However, if the user wants them managed, they can have it too paying some money. SiteGround knows how many new customers suffer from setting up their new web hosting when they begin, thus this managed web hosting option has been kept for the ease and convenience of new people in the website hosting business.

Customer Support

In case anything goes wrong, SiteGround hosting will always provide the best possible customer support over hotline numbers, live chat, email or ticketing system. All of these services are active 24/7, you are just one step away from a phone call or their online support system. I read that http://www.selectedhosting.com blog made a case study of SiteGround’s customer service. You should check it out. Central and regional customer support hubs have been set up in order to provide all the people who are connected to the three different SiteGround data center locations.


For the pricing range, no one can really complain about SiteGround hosting. The price is slightly higher than regular packages from companies like HostGator, Bluehost etc. but the extra investment is worth it.

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