How to Choose Best and Cheap Web Hosting for Beginners

Blogging has become a popular way of earning money over the last few years. The people who are planning to be a part of this start with looking for web hosts at first. Looking for the best and perfect web hosting service is one very hard job. With a mindset to help all the confused people out there, we planned on compiling an article providing them guidelines and discussing a few web hosts for them. To choose a web host, there are basically three steps to follow. They are choosing a host, a domain name for the website and a program that manages the website.

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How to Choose a Web Host

There are few points to be considered while choosing a host. In fact, a website building project plan should be made based on a good hosting purchase plan first. A website can’t go online unless there is a host that keeps the website online. However, the web hosting provides the space and facilities a website needs to get published. There are plenty of files in a website and they need to be hosted somewhere. That’s what a web host does; stores the files and manages them.

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This service usually comes with additional advantages like firewall protection, customer assistance, technical assistance, access to the FTP server, getting assistance with the domain registration and offering of various tools, etc.


Very important fact to consider, you can’t just go bankrupt paying your hosting fee and sacrifice your meals. Choose wisely; pick a hosting service that provides the best service within a reasonable rate. Lower enough to not bite you during the month, but yet the best one with your desired service. For small businesses or website on personal interests, a website could be hosted on a shared host as it is the best cost effective option. But for something big and serious, a dedicated host should be hired.

Stay away from free hosts. There isn’t anything like a free lunch; instead you make loss off your hard work.

Popular Hosts

There are few popular hosts that the website owners opt for and subscribe. Bluehost, Hostgator and Dreamhost are the three most popular web hosts. They have flexible packages, attractive rates and they act responsible. You can stay relaxed once you have hosted your website on either of them – they are just okay to initially begin with.

  • Bluehost: For $6.95 a month, you can purchase Bluehost shared hosting service. Using Bluehost promo code or coupon you can get the cost lower to $4.95 or even $3.95 per month also. Even though they don’t offer a free migration on blogs, but you can do that for a little amount anyways. Upon beginning, each new subscriber will be awarded with 100 Adwords credit. The bandwidth and storage is unlimited and customer support is pretty good
  • Hostgator: This host offers free blog migration which the above one didn’t offer. However, Hostgator charges little more than Bluehost. You have to pay $15 per month for their services.
  • Dreamhost: Most inexpensive amongst these three. They offer a free domain and the whole package costs $10.95 per year. Very reasonable indeed and you receive $75 Adwords credit. The storage space and bandwidth is practically unlimited.

All these three web hosts accept payment in Credit card. Bluehost and Hostgator accept PayPal while Dreamhost accepts checks s well.


There are no alternative to a good web host while getting started with blogging. According to many expert users’ review on , these three services are better in Bluehost>Hostgator>Dreamhost order. Make your decision and pick one.

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