How to Update Name servers at Bluehost

Basically, name server is a system server that takes networks in to account for offering answers to the queries. The service is provided by the server in accordance with service request. This is a specific server over the web that takes care of the queries from the native system, regarding the destination of the particular domain’s services.

Different components:

The web controls basically two namespaces; one is domain name system that takes into account the domain name and offers translation services Internet name servers incorporate Domain name system.

Server component of Domain Name System or popularly known as DNS can be an example of name server. Most crucial job of DNS is translating the conventional, or man readable domains and hosts to the equivalent number IP addresses, the additional name space of the web that is taken in to account to pick and situate systems.

Updating Name server at Bluehost

For hosting the site through Bluehost, going with Name Server is important. Name Server entry is one of the most crucial parts for best website maintenance while customizing the domain. It is important as any mistake here can lead towards imperfect functioning of your site. In many instances it doesn’t work at all.

Going with Bluehost domain, the Name server is already set for the users. However, there remains option for the users to modify the Name servers for a domain that has been Bluehost. Bluehost hosting is one of the top notch hosting for your blogs and business. If you are looking to get discount on hosting plans then visit this site for Bluehost coupons. In fact it is quite simple to perform this. You can perform this through the Name Servers tab available there in the Domain Manager.

Before modifying:

As we have mentioned above, name servers for a domain name are the specific servers that convert the domain name into IP address. Basically, it is performed so as the systems over the web can understand it. Any domain name registration consists of a line-up of name servers that is meant for that domain name.

Usually, it is not recommended to modify these from default name servers arrangement by In case of the special demands, people get the option to change the name servers for domain name.

Here we present the steps going through which you can easily modify the name servers. Have a look!


1 First log-in with your Bluehost control panel.

2 Now click the Domain manager present over domain bar.

3 Pick an appropriate domain name.

4 Now click the Name Servers tab, and then go with the Use Name Servers.

5 Provide the new name servers as it asks.

6 Click on the Save Name server settings


After completion of the above steps you have to wait for 24-72 hours for the DNS circulation of name servers for complete process.

To upgrade the domain’s name server, the modification has to be introduced at the domain registrar where the domain was made registration at.

Going through the above steps can solve your issue of name server modification. We hope you can meet your requirements following the steps given above. Anyway, still if you have any query regarding this, you can leave your precious comments with us.

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