An Overview on Affiliate Hosting

Out of many different types of web hosting services that had been revealed in the past few years, affiliate marketing is one very popular type that’s helping people to earn money as well. This campaign is nearly identical like the other online affiliate programs we see on the internet. Say for example if you sign up for a company’s web hosting affiliate service, you should just place a banner or ad on your website. There is a specific code for the ad you posted on your website and whenever someone joins that company’s hosting subscription following your link you get paid – as simple as that.

Affiliate Hosting

There are many companies currently offering affiliate hosting programs. We have browsed through few company’s offerings and generated an overview on the offerings.

HostGator Affiliates

In the current web hosting scenario, HostGator happens to be a very popular hosting company. Apart from their regular hosting plans, they offer affiliate program as well. The $3.95/month package is a very popular hosting option from HostGator, and now there are few lucrative affiliate programs as well. What more could you ask for from a company like this? Their payments are pretty high as well. For 1 to 5 signups you could generate using their ad on your website, you make $50 per signup. The rate gradually goes up and if you can manage to get 21 or more signups per months, then the total amount would be $2625.Exciting, eh?


HostGator and Bluehost are owned by the same group but their referral terms are quite different. For affiliate hosting, Bluehost pays $65 per referral that’s generated from a website to their signing up process. No matter how many referrals are made each month, the affiliate partner will earn this amount. Unlike HostGator, there aren’t any classifications of payment like an amount for 1-5 users and another for 6-10 etc.

Inmotion Hosting

Apart from these two notch companies, there are plenty more that offers good affiliate hosting payments. Inmotionisn’t heard of that much, but they are good for hosting and affiliate programs as well. The principle is pretty simple and straightforward like most other affiliate programs, the more you refer the more money you can earn. For 1 or 2 signups Inmotion pays you $50, for the third one and onwards you get $100 per referral. Also, there are $5-$10 bonuses based on where on your webpage you post their ad.


Looking for even higher payment offers for affiliate programs? Well, Lunarpages can help. Depending on your website’s traffic you could even become a millionaire within a very short timeline. Lunarpages offers you up to $300 per signup, only if you can prove to be worth the amount. This payment includes various levels of payment, commissions without any limit,easy to cash-out payment options etc.

GoDaddy Affiliate Programs

With GoDaddy affiliates, the partners don’t need to make any initial paymanets. It’s a risk free endeavor, if you could sell some signup offers you earn money and if you can’t, you lose nothing. GoDaddy offers a wide range of everything – like partner affiliate networks, wide range of banner designs, huge bonuses for each sign ups etc. The payment options are good, you could get paid by even direct deposit which is preferred by many of the affiliates.


As it appears, different companies take different approaches towards hosting affiliate programs. Some offer lower price for each referral expecting that they’ll sell a lot of subscriptions and on the other hand few companies offer huge rewards for each signups assuming that they are going to make business with even the least amount of subscriptions each month. Depending on your capacity, you might choose any of these affiliate programs.

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