Installation Guide – WordPress on Dreamhost

To many creative and talented people, blogging is easy money. All it takes is potential and patience and willingness to work and success just follows by. However, beginning with blogging would take a hosting service to start with. Hosting services are servers where websites could be stored and the files are redrawn to visitors’ PCs when they request for a specific website. Choosing a hosting service could be a hectic process. For starters, Dreamhost is a good option to sign up for. Because they offer easy installation procedures, user friendly GUI to manage hosting, domain names etc. And almost every beginner would want to have WordPress installed in their Domain which is offered by Dreamhost as well.

For signing up with Dreamhost, the 2 weeks’ try out offer is handy for beginners. Also you can get the whole year hosting package at just $30 annually. The installation of WordPress on Dreamhost hosting is easy.

For One-Click Installation

  • Inside the web panel to the left the ‘Goodies’ button is located. And the instant installation features is located beneath the ‘One-Click Installs’ button. Clicking on it brings up the next phase.
  • Amidst the other services, WordPress is listed as well. Clicking on it would lead to domain selection in the following pop-up window.
  • If the user wishes to enter individual database info, the ‘Deluxe Install’ box should be unchecked.

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  • And finally ‘Install it for me now’ button completes the basic installation.

Customizing the Installation

The next step is getting started with the blog setup. An email will be sent from WordPress that would contain links to the admin panel and few other information and agreements. Keeping this email handy would come helpful for later references. The first link leads towards setting up the blog title and email address which would be used to log in. The user must remember this email address since all the necessary information will be sent here; also this is the lifeline to restore the blog in case of any emergency.

The next screen shows the WordPress username and password for the newly built website. It is advised to keep them copy-pasted elsewhere.

The default login address for any website with a WordPress installation looks like this And after logging into the website using the provided login credentials; the WordPress dashboard will be presented to the user. This is the screen where the website admins would manage everything about their websites. The leftmost column contains buttons with different features and functions. For example, clicking on the button ‘Posts’ would bring up all the contents posted on a website, number of hits on them, number of comments if any, options to edit or quick edit them, or send them to trash if the user wants to. The rest of the buttons are for managing website appearance, themes, security and privacy etc.

Any computer user with basic computer and internet skills could install WordPress on Dreamhost by themselves. This wouldn’t require much time and effort, only a little patience is required. But however, if someone wants to hire professional hands for the job, there are plenty available. Dreamhost is much affordable hosting since you can use Dreamhost Coupon to save money while purchasing the hosting plan. Happy blogging with a brand new website!

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