How to Use Shared Hosting Effectively

Getting the Webhosting account suspended is one of the worst things that could happen to your popularity gaining website or blog. But this thing is sure that you will receive such message one day or the another from your web hosting service when their extra resources will be used up by your site. It is also possible that they shut down your blog or site without any warning or prior notice. We all know that Shared Hosting is the best way to start up a site or blog but what most of us don’t know is how to make efficient use of this Shared Hosting and its resources. So we are going to tell you various methods to use your Shared Hosting effectively and efficiently.

shared hostingHaving Hotlink Prevention

You need to protect your website from being hot linked by any other website or blog. You must be using images on your blog or site and they will also be visible on any other search engine too and there are a lot of chances that others may hotlink those images to their site or blog or maybe to any social network. In case any of such images appears on any social networking site, your shared host will take no time in going down. So it becomes very important for you to protect your images from getting hot linked.

CDN and Image Optimization

If you have a got a little amount of money to spent on your website, make use of CDN which is content delivery system such as Cloudflare, Amazon etc. you can also use the DropBox service in the form of CDN and use it in order to host the images that you want on your site as it will reduce the bandwidth usage of the server to a considerable amount.

Also you must know that Images eat up a lot of Bandwidth and a shared server is not capable of handling such a huge load. If you have got a post with a lot of pictures in it and if it is getting a lot of traffic, it may be possible that 75% of the bandwidth consumed is because of the images it contain.

Optimizing WordPress

WordPress may be one of the best tool to get your websites and blogs polished and running but it is not a resource friendly MCS. A regular optimization and maintenance is very crucial to receive optimum results from a blog that is published using WordPress. Making use of simple themes, only using suitable and required plugins, optimization of MySQL database are some of the basic factors that should be kept in mind if you want to effectively manage and use a shared hosting service.


If your budget is not enough to get a hosting plan of any Webhosting service or dedicated servers, then you have to work all of this by yourself and optimize various parts of WordPress and your blog regularly which is a bit painful but necessary to keep shared hosting servers. Meanwhile you can choose high performance Bluehost hosting and use Bluehost coupon to save money on it. It will be always better to concentrate on your blog rather than hosting management.

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