Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Web hosting

In terms of making any kind of website, people encounter the word “hosting”. It pretty much confuses those newbies who just purchased a domain and don’t know what to do next. For starters, it’s like piece of land that you purchase to build your house or anything. It works just similar like it and your domain works like your address. You need both domain and hosting services to stack a piece of website on the internet platform. In terms of web hosting, there’re two kinds of it. One is called Dedicated web hosting and another one is Shared web hosting. We’re going to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of Shared web hosting in this article.

What exactly is Shared Web Hosting?

We all know that dedicated broadband connection features more resources for a single customer but it’s a bit pricey. Whereas, the shared broadband connection features a limited amount of bandwidth and when there are a lot of users on the same shared bandwidth, the internet goes slower at times. In terms of web hosting, the idea is pretty much the same. Shared hosting services provide necessary resources and bandwidth for all of the users on the shared users but the website might not comply with the complex features since it’ll use the shared features and as a result the uplink might be an issue at times.

Who should Use Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting services is applicable for those small businesses and farms that use their website for light usage. Websites that doesn’t feature premium and complex options can work with shared resources pretty well. As, they aren’t consuming much of the resources, the website works faster without any problem. But, in terms of wide range of features and support, shared hosting services lag far behind.

Advantages of Shared Web hosting


Although you’re not capable of using the total bandwidth of the dedicated server that’s been shared with a few people, you can still enjoy working with your shared server flawlessly. You’ll be given a well-customizable control panel which features control over the features your website is working with. It helps you to check the stats of your website along with giving you the capability to upload files and images.

Lower Price Point

This is one of the main advantages why people buy Shared web hosting on the first place. It’s cheaper yet quite effective for the small business ventures.

Reliable Customer Support

Since it’s a shared web hosting, everything depends on the shared resources and you’ll get a huge customer support from your hosting services. They provide all the necessary tools to help running your website flawlessly.


In terms of bandwidth and disk space, shared hosting providers made it pretty easy for the owners to control your website efficiently.

Disadvantages of Shared web hosting

Security Issues

The chance of hacking and plagiarism increases with Shared web hosting unless you buy it from a premium hosting service.

Not Reliable option for huge business owners

Since a lot of websites are using the same resources (CPU, memory and hard disk), it slows down the uptime. Big websites with feature-rich contents will fact problems due to this fact.

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