How to Update Name servers at Bluehost

Basically, name server is a system server that takes networks in to account for offering answers to the queries. The service is provided by the server in accordance with service request. This is a specific server over the web that takes care of the queries from the native system, regarding the destination of the particular domain’s services.

Different components:

The web controls basically two namespaces; one is domain name system that takes into account the domain name and offers translation services Internet name servers incorporate Domain name system.

Server component of Domain Name System or popularly known as DNS can be an example of name server. Most crucial job of DNS is translating the conventional, or man readable domains and hosts to the equivalent number IP addresses, the additional name space of the web that is taken in to account to pick and situate systems.

Updating Name server at Bluehost

For hosting the site through Bluehost, going with Name Server is important. Name Server entry is one of the most crucial parts for best website maintenance while customizing the domain. It is important as any mistake here can lead towards imperfect functioning of your site. In many instances it doesn’t work at all.

Going with Bluehost domain, the Name server is already set for the users. However, there remains option for the users to modify the Name servers for a domain that has been Bluehost. Bluehost hosting is one of the top notch hosting for your blogs and business. If you are looking to get discount on hosting plans then visit this site for Bluehost coupons. In fact it is quite simple to perform this. You can perform this through the Name Servers tab available there in the Domain Manager.

Before modifying:

As we have mentioned above, name servers for a domain name are the specific servers that convert the domain name into IP address. Basically, it is performed so as the systems over the web can understand it. Any domain name registration consists of a line-up of name servers that is meant for that domain name.

Usually, it is not recommended to modify these from default name servers arrangement by In case of the special demands, people get the option to change the name servers for domain name.

Here we present the steps going through which you can easily modify the name servers. Have a look!


1 First log-in with your Bluehost control panel.

2 Now click the Domain manager present over domain bar.

3 Pick an appropriate domain name.

4 Now click the Name Servers tab, and then go with the Use Name Servers.

5 Provide the new name servers as it asks.

6 Click on the Save Name server settings


After completion of the above steps you have to wait for 24-72 hours for the DNS circulation of name servers for complete process.

To upgrade the domain’s name server, the modification has to be introduced at the domain registrar where the domain was made registration at.

Going through the above steps can solve your issue of name server modification. We hope you can meet your requirements following the steps given above. Anyway, still if you have any query regarding this, you can leave your precious comments with us.

How to Choose Best and Cheap Web Hosting for Beginners

Blogging has become a popular way of earning money over the last few years. The people who are planning to be a part of this start with looking for web hosts at first. Looking for the best and perfect web hosting service is one very hard job. With a mindset to help all the confused people out there, we planned on compiling an article providing them guidelines and discussing a few web hosts for them. To choose a web host, there are basically three steps to follow. They are choosing a host, a domain name for the website and a program that manages the website.

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How to Choose a Web Host

There are few points to be considered while choosing a host. In fact, a website building project plan should be made based on a good hosting purchase plan first. A website can’t go online unless there is a host that keeps the website online. However, the web hosting provides the space and facilities a website needs to get published. There are plenty of files in a website and they need to be hosted somewhere. That’s what a web host does; stores the files and manages them.

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This service usually comes with additional advantages like firewall protection, customer assistance, technical assistance, access to the FTP server, getting assistance with the domain registration and offering of various tools, etc.


Very important fact to consider, you can’t just go bankrupt paying your hosting fee and sacrifice your meals. Choose wisely; pick a hosting service that provides the best service within a reasonable rate. Lower enough to not bite you during the month, but yet the best one with your desired service. For small businesses or website on personal interests, a website could be hosted on a shared host as it is the best cost effective option. But for something big and serious, a dedicated host should be hired.

Stay away from free hosts. There isn’t anything like a free lunch; instead you make loss off your hard work.

Popular Hosts

There are few popular hosts that the website owners opt for and subscribe. Bluehost, Hostgator and Dreamhost are the three most popular web hosts. They have flexible packages, attractive rates and they act responsible. You can stay relaxed once you have hosted your website on either of them – they are just okay to initially begin with.

  • Bluehost: For $6.95 a month, you can purchase Bluehost shared hosting service. Using Bluehost promo code or coupon you can get the cost lower to $4.95 or even $3.95 per month also. Even though they don’t offer a free migration on blogs, but you can do that for a little amount anyways. Upon beginning, each new subscriber will be awarded with 100 Adwords credit. The bandwidth and storage is unlimited and customer support is pretty good
  • Hostgator: This host offers free blog migration which the above one didn’t offer. However, Hostgator charges little more than Bluehost. You have to pay $15 per month for their services.
  • Dreamhost: Most inexpensive amongst these three. They offer a free domain and the whole package costs $10.95 per year. Very reasonable indeed and you receive $75 Adwords credit. The storage space and bandwidth is practically unlimited.

All these three web hosts accept payment in Credit card. Bluehost and Hostgator accept PayPal while Dreamhost accepts checks s well.


There are no alternative to a good web host while getting started with blogging. According to many expert users’ review on , these three services are better in Bluehost>Hostgator>Dreamhost order. Make your decision and pick one.

3 Best Alternatives to inMotion Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting services, people always neglect selecting their hosting properly. It results in slower operation of the website and lots of unsolvable problems lying on the road. In order to eradicate these kinds of problems, you should be aware of the hosting service that you’re purchasing. There’s been a lot of hype with inMotion web hosting. Definitely it does offer the same packages, features that other hosting services provide but they provide way better customer support than any other hosting services. If you find their features are shabby and they’re not worth the money, you can always find alternatives that can guarantee more features in the way. If you want to have the same extended support but want to have those premium features, then keep up with us to see the 3 best alternatives that match up against inMotion hosting services pretty well.

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Bluehost Hosting Services

Bluehost is one of those web hosting services that’s capable of wowing their customers with premium features, unlimited bandwidth, ease of usage and lots of other supports. It features all the missing parts of inMotion and proves to be worth of the money. But, small ventures may find it quite difficult to pay its prices since they ought to sell their services at a minimal rate but annually. Security and ease of use are two of the most important things that make Bluehost stand out of the crowd.

Hostgator Hosting Services

Hostgator got pretty popular over the past year with minimal pricing and lots of features to support their clients and things got much better for Hostgator now. For minimal costing checkout Hostgator discount codes from From our point of view, it’s worth the money and it can provide unlimited bandwidth (which is considered not a big deal in today’s era), never ending disk space with no limitations on creating the sub-domains as well. Hostgator can provide all the general features that other hosting providers support, plus, it supports some advanced features like error pages and custom cron jobs. But, Hostgator lacks in its support section. When it comes to customer support, Hostgator consumes a bit longer time than its peers. It can outrun the uses of inMotion hosting service pretty easily.

Dreamhost Hosting Services

Dreamhost used to be one of the bad boys that held its crown for being the best web hosting service with good uptime, innovative control panel and amazing no-limitation policy. But, now the uptime can be a big issue for some owners. Dreamhost comes with 50GB of free backup space and 30-day refund policy. It also offers 97-day money back guarantee which ensures you can work with Dreamhost for the longer period of time or not. If your website causes trouble for other users, then Dreamhost might force you to use their dedicate server (which is of course a bit costly). In terms of customer support, they’re not worth the money. They don’t provide any telephone number. Live chat support can be a huge issue at times. Although it doesn’t stack up well against inMotion web hosting in terms of customer support and in other areas, it aces.


We recommend you Hostgator hosting with discount It makes great combination of feature and cost effective shared hosting solution.

Installation Guide – WordPress on Dreamhost

To many creative and talented people, blogging is easy money. All it takes is potential and patience and willingness to work and success just follows by. However, beginning with blogging would take a hosting service to start with. Hosting services are servers where websites could be stored and the files are redrawn to visitors’ PCs when they request for a specific website. Choosing a hosting service could be a hectic process. For starters, Dreamhost is a good option to sign up for. Because they offer easy installation procedures, user friendly GUI to manage hosting, domain names etc. And almost every beginner would want to have WordPress installed in their Domain which is offered by Dreamhost as well.

For signing up with Dreamhost, the 2 weeks’ try out offer is handy for beginners. Also you can get the whole year hosting package at just $30 annually with the help of Dreamhost coupons code from The installation of WordPress on Dreamhost hosting is easy.

For One-Click Installation

  • Inside the web panel to the left the ‘Goodies’ button is located. And the instant installation features is located beneath the ‘One-Click Installs’ button. Clicking on it brings up the next phase.
  • Amidst the other services, WordPress is listed as well. Clicking on it would lead to domain selection in the following pop-up window.
  • If the user wishes to enter individual database info, the ‘Deluxe Install’ box should be unchecked.

Dreamhost coupons

  • And finally ‘Install it for me now’ button completes the basic installation.

Customizing the Installation

The next step is getting started with the blog setup. An email will be sent from WordPress that would contain links to the admin panel and few other information and agreements. Keeping this email handy would come helpful for later references. The first link leads towards setting up the blog title and email address which would be used to log in. The user must remember this email address since all the necessary information will be sent here; also this is the lifeline to restore the blog in case of any emergency.

The next screen shows the WordPress username and password for the newly built website. It is advised to keep them copy-pasted elsewhere.

The default login address for any website with a WordPress installation looks like this And after logging into the website using the provided login credentials; the WordPress dashboard will be presented to the user. This is the screen where the website admins would manage everything about their websites. The leftmost column contains buttons with different features and functions. For example, clicking on the button ‘Posts’ would bring up all the contents posted on a website, number of hits on them, number of comments if any, options to edit or quick edit them, or send them to trash if the user wants to. The rest of the buttons are for managing website appearance, themes, security and privacy etc.

Any computer user with basic computer and internet skills could install WordPress on Dreamhost by themselves. This wouldn’t require much time and effort, only a little patience is required. But however, if someone wants to hire professional hands for the job, there are plenty available. Dreamhost is much affordable hosting since you can use Dreamhost Coupon to save money while purchasing the hosting plan. Happy blogging with a brand new website!

How to Use Shared Hosting Effectively

Getting the Webhosting account suspended is one of the worst things that could happen to your popularity gaining website or blog. But this thing is sure that you will receive such message one day or the another from your web hosting service when their extra resources will be used up by your site. It is also possible that they shut down your blog or site without any warning or prior notice. We all know that Shared Hosting is the best way to start up a site or blog but what most of us don’t know is how to make efficient use of this Shared Hosting and its resources. So we are going to tell you various methods to use your Shared Hosting effectively and efficiently.

shared hostingHaving Hotlink Prevention

You need to protect your website from being hot linked by any other website or blog. You must be using images on your blog or site and they will also be visible on any other search engine too and there are a lot of chances that others may hotlink those images to their site or blog or maybe to any social network. In case any of such images appears on any social networking site, your shared host will take no time in going down. So it becomes very important for you to protect your images from getting hot linked.

CDN and Image Optimization

If you have a got a little amount of money to spent on your website, make use of CDN which is content delivery system such as Cloudflare, Amazon etc. you can also use the DropBox service in the form of CDN and use it in order to host the images that you want on your site as it will reduce the bandwidth usage of the server to a considerable amount.

Also you must know that Images eat up a lot of Bandwidth and a shared server is not capable of handling such a huge load. If you have got a post with a lot of pictures in it and if it is getting a lot of traffic, it may be possible that 75% of the bandwidth consumed is because of the images it contain.

Optimizing WordPress

WordPress may be one of the best tool to get your websites and blogs polished and running but it is not a resource friendly MCS. A regular optimization and maintenance is very crucial to receive optimum results from a blog that is published using WordPress. Making use of simple themes, only using suitable and required plugins, optimization of MySQL database are some of the basic factors that should be kept in mind if you want to effectively manage and use a shared hosting service.


If your budget is not enough to get a hosting plan of any Webhosting service or dedicated servers, then you have to work all of this by yourself and optimize various parts of WordPress and your blog regularly which is a bit painful but necessary to keep shared hosting servers. Meanwhile you can choose high performance Bluehost hosting and use Bluehost coupon to save money on it. It will be always better to concentrate on your blog rather than hosting management.